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I made a cardigan, a hat and two beautiful sets of fingerless gloves from my first order,
and I can honestly say that those are my very favorite items I've ever knit.
The recipients have been lavish in their praise for the look and feel of the items....
I so thoroughly enjoyed working with Elsawool that I was dragging out my projects to enjoy the feel of the wool longer.
- Julia [Steinbok]

oh how i love the feel of your wools.
- nancy [Dennard]

Seeing the full skeins is so different from the little sample cards,
and I can't stop squishing them all. My dog is getting jealous. ;) I'm so glad I got as much as I did because I can already tell how addictive it's going to be.
I'm thrilled to bits about the yarn ..... I feel so lucky that I can buy such fabulous, ethical, high quality yarn.
- Eva [Shari (Eva) Kay]

I'm making a throw from your white yarn! I'm going to weave a really long 19" strip, then cut and sew three widths across.
I'll use your yarn as warp and weft, but add my handspun white novelty yarns in random picks.
So much fun playing with your super squishy bouncy yarn. I just keep squeezing it and smiling. It's coming out nicely.
- k [Karen Crenshaw]
knitted sample by karen crenshaw
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Elsa wool is very very good!
I love love love Elsa wool.
sooooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!
I am sooooooo happy ( ⁀‿⁀ )
- Emiko [Shimohira]

I'm greatly enjoying the extraordinary sensory experience of knitting with your fantastic yarn.
- Gwen Garner

It is nothing short of the most divine yarn I have ever worked with.....
- Meera

The Cormo has a lovely and lively hand to knit with...
- Kathy Martin

Finished this sweater last night! I'm madly in love. Just a plain Jane jersey but it's dreamy. Love. This. Wool.
Cassie [Harada]  
sweater by cassie harada
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i just picked up your yarn again after a big break from projects and had to wax poetic about your wonderful feeling yarn.
i have started a new baby blanket and how i soooooo love the feel i had forgotten.
- nancy [Dennard]

Your yarn is amazing. It is truly a treat to knit with such a luxurious, cushy yarn!
- Sarah [Haney]

.... It is amazingly soft and beautiful!
- Sarah [Hurley]

I'm knitting that Stephen west hat from a hank of your wool and it is quite possibly the closest to heaven I've ever experienced.
- [Cassie Harada]  
hat by cassie harada
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Your yarn is my absolute favorite to work with, to touch, to wear!
.... the natural cormo doesn't bother my skin like almost all other wool, especially dyed wool.
- Kathy [Joyner]

I am absolutely overwhelmed with how beautiful and soft your yarn is!!
- Keturah [Srot]

I totally LOVE your wool ..... beautiful, elegant yarns.
- Inara [Viskars]

This yarn is an utter joy to knit!
I am looking forward to many happy hours working with this yarn.
- Liz [Casper]

..... I love working with [your yarn]. It just moves through my fingers like butter.
- Gay [Robinson]

Woolen-Spun Yarns, Original

[Woolen-spun sport weight:] ...A little "photo" of the vest I'm knitting with your lovely wool :)
- kathy [Cadigan]
knitted vest by kathy cadigan
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I had no idea it would feel so much like velvet or that the medium gray color would be even more lovely than I'd imagined.
It's really a treasure! This is my first exposure to cormo wool and I feel delightfully spoiled. Thank you.
- Pamela  

I've knit so many types of wool and never have I felt anything more beautiful than your Cormo Woolen-Spun.
- Cassie [Kemp]  

[Woolen-spun fingering weight:] ... A lovely shawl (Anne Hanson's "wheaten" pattern ....
I love the way your yarn is consistent enough to give nice definition to a stitch pattern while still keeping that lively, lofty feel that I like so much from a woolen spun.
I haven't had nearly the pilling I've had with other woolen-spun yarns....
- Laura [Spess]
knitted shawl by laura spess knitted vest by kathy cadigan
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This was my first time knitting with Elsa Wool Cormo and it certainly won't be my last.
This beautiful undyed yarn comes from purebred Cormo sheep in Colorado and Montana.
It is a good, honest yarn that's a pleasure to have on the needles.
Its softness makes it ideal for anything worn against the skin.
- From Bonnie Sennott's blog  

...I think this is the most beautiful yarn ever. So soft and alive and great, great colour!
- Annelie  

I'm loving the cormo, I've attached a work in progress photo. .... Lovely yarn.
I took a skein to a knitting conference recently, I was teaching a class on yarn construction, and used your cormo as an example of good quality woolen spun yarn.
The cormo was a total hit!
- [Nikki Burrows]  
knitting sample by nikki burrows
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Even more beautiful than I'd hoped. Can't wait to wind and swatch!!
- [Thea Coleman]  

I do try to resist purchases from the U.S. these days as we get hit by customs duty
but I can't resist an Elsa Wool Cormo order every now and then, it's so worth it.
- Terri [O'Brien]  

It's a pleasure to work with!
- Luba [Silikova]  

[Woolen-spun worsted/Aran weight yarn:] Ta DA! It still needs soaking, but it's done!
- Kip Goldreyer  
sweater by kip goldreyer
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The yarn ... is so soft and beautiful, it's perfect really. It is a pleasure to knit and to wear.
People who say they can't wear wool are surprised by it.
- Tina [Puthenpurackal]  

The yarn did work beautifully for me for both warp and weft. And ... it made a very luxurious fabric.
- Lynette [Dowling]  

Working with your yarn is such a joy!
- Kirstin [Peterson]  

I just love the softness and durability of your yarn.
- Kelly [Pippin]  

I ... made a Birchbark with [the woolen-spun worsted/Aran weight yarn.] It is one of my favorite sweaters, and I love your wool.
- Macy [Au]
knitted sweater by macy au
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Your yarn is still the best I've used!
- Kris Viren  

I was extremely impressed with the quality of your woolen-spun worsted yarn.
The project (an enormous full color-work stole) knit up in a jiff.
- Courtney Spainhower  

I started the socks and love the feel and cushiness of the yarn!
- Susie [Cook]  

I'm so excited to be working with your Cormo wool again. Still my favorite yarn of all time!
- Rachael [Park]  

I made a baby blanket from your lace weight for my grandson and it turned out stunningly beautiful.
My favorite blanket to date.
- Mari Liestman.  

So lovely to work with.......
- Wendy [Munn]  

Knitting with your yarn is always an absolute pleasure.
- Terri [O'Brien]  

Your wonderful wool ... makes a most satisfying knit. If I were allowed only one wool, it would be your woolen spun yarn.
The cables and ribbing in my first pullover from your 30% look sculpted. It is really amazing wool.
- Susan [Leach]  

Like knitting with butter--
- Reegan [Campbell]  

The shawl I made out of your wool a few years ago....
- Patti [Hoendermis]
knitted shawl by patti hoendermis
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Oh, I LOVE your wool, Elsa!
I'm a huge fan of woolen-spun yarns and yours are one of the best: downy, squishy goodness.
- Bongsoo [Park]  

Just so wonderfully soft and gorgeously white! Perfect.
- Denise [Floyd]  

A while back I purchased some of your woolen-spun fingering yarn in the Silver colorway.
Hands down, this is the best yarn I've ever had the pleasure of knitting with.
So luxurious on the needles...and the resulting fabric after blocking practically brought me to tears!
I love how crisp yet fluffy the fabric is.
- Rachael [Park]  

Oh my goodness Elsa. I love, love, love your yarn!!!!!! ..... It's so delightful to knit with.
- Janet Zurek  

I'm kind of crazy for that pale gray! .....Yours is my favorite yarn.
- Clare [Lakewood]  

As I promised, here are the pics of Gudrun Johnston's Hansel Hap: (The yarn is awesome, btw!!)
- Andrea [Merritt]  
knitted shawl by andrea merritt knitted shawl by andrea merritt
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I'm absolutely in love. I think this is the best woolen spun yarn I've ever held in my hands, .....
- Allison Jane  

Beautiful and feels like heaven.
- Diane [Simmons]  

I am very excited to receive more of your yarn! It is wonderful to knit with.
- Jennie [Renninger]  

..... It is gorgeous! is outstanding.
- Yvonne [Brown]  

It's such an incredible pleasure to knit with.....
It's just so incredibly lovely, I want to wear nothing but your Cormo.
- Judy [Piotrkowski]  

Wow, so soft!
- Mary Jo [Anvid]  

I'm astonished at the quality of this yarn. It's like nothing I've ever worked with before,
and I've been knitting for 30 years.
It is soft and smooth, but somehow it manages to stick to itself almost like Shetland.
The fabric that results from the knitting holds itself together and supports its weight perfectly.....
- Lowry [Huessler]  

... It is quite possibly the closest to heaven I've ever experienced. Thank you for making such amazing yarn!!!
- Cassie [Harada]  

It's gorgeous, such a delight; a perfect mix of soft and fuzzy, with a slight sheen and crispness to give it a beautiful drape...
- Leslie [Niblett]  

It's a very rich and beautiful yarn.
- Tracy [Condeso]  

Your yarn is so wonderful that I can't seem to stop thinking about sweaters that I want to knit in it.
Your cormo is the perfect balance of sheep-y natural with an elegant softness.
- Anne [Patterson]  

LOVE this soft springy friendly wool!
- Catherine Shumadine  

I am in Yarn Heaven!!!! ........ This is the most beautiful wool I have ever seen!!!
- Joanie Witty  

Your yarn is the most lovely wool I've ever knit with!
- Susan [Mullins]  

Love the wool ! :) Love the super softness, and the great sheepy colors:)
- Urssel  

I just can't get enough of your yarn. It's so soft and warm.
It's the most beautiful yarn to work with, my favorite.
It's soft like cotton.....The yarn just feels alive and full of good spirit....
- Sharon [Moffat]  

... such a lovely choice of natural colored cormo. ... so soft and springy! ...
I am loving how beautifully the woolen-spun worsted weight knits up into cables.
- Wendy [Johnson]  

I thought you might like to see the sweater that I made with the [woolen-spun] gray fingering weight that I purchased from you last year. This yarn is so very lovely.
- Anne [Patterson]
knitted sweater by anne patterson knitted sweater by anne patterson
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I am totally in love with your wool. It's the wool I've been looking for.
... I've found it remarkably hard to find a simple and beautiful natural yarn like yours.
- Hope Morrissett

It's incredible! Someone on Rav described it as feeling like velvet and I thought that might be an overstatement...but it's not! Wow...
I forgot to mention how amazing the color is...I realize it's natural so color is not really the right word as that to me implies being died. However, the light gray at least is not quite brownish and not quite grayish...almost a creamy silver...I LOVE it!
- Heidi [Rosin]

I have to say how delighted I am with the yarn - it feels amazing and looks so soft and sophisticated knit up.
And I love the greyish-brownish color too.
I am working on a collection of sweater patterns....
I love the Elsawool so much I am changing one of the other sweaters in the collection so grey-brown will fit....
- Jenise [Reid]

It is truly gorgeous yarn. Even though I'd read people comment on how soft and springy it is, I just couldn't see how....and it IS!
- Jan Brinker

Teri O'Brien in a sweater she knit from Elsawool woolen-spun fingering yarn
knitted sweater by teri o'brien
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Between your customer service and your to-die-for wool,
you are right at the top of my go-to list when it comes to selecting yarn for a project!!
- Kip Goldreyer

I've almost finished knitting Catherine by Glenna C in your woolen spun worsted weight.
It is beautiful yarn! I spend almost as much time snuggling my skeins, as I do knitting!
- Karen [Henderson]

Beautiful and feels like heaven.
- Diane [Simmons]

.... I am so in love with your yarn.
I am knitting a bunch of cabled headbands for Christmas in your yarn and they look beautiful -
the cables show up so well and the yarn stretches just a little...exactly enough.
- Jan [Brinker]

Your wool is so beautifully springy and bouncy.
- [Deb Curry]

I already received the yarn, and it is so beautiful.
The 5% grey is such a gentle soft color. .... It is so much fun to have the natural color of the sheep!
- Sarah Ammon

The swatch I made is gorgeous - so soft and woolly.
- Laura [Hussey]  

It is so gorgeous and soft!
- Pam [Udomprasert]

I recently made a blanket for our first grandchild (due this month)with some of your white fingering. It's as soft as a cloud.
- Anne [Patterson]  
knitted blanket by anne patterson
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I have just cast on a sweater in your [woolen-spun worsted weight] yarn and I'm in love!
It's a true delight to work with and I am enjoying every stitch.
- Jenn [Hill]

I'm in love with your yarn....
.... The 80% dark gray-brown is EXACTLY the color of my couch. Which the manufacturer calls "Peaty."
- Karin Clifton

There's just nothing like your yarn - the perfect balance of crimp and bounce and softness and sturdiness.
- Erin Spiker  

I love your wool Elsa! It's such a joy to knit and to wear. Thanks for keeping it affordable for those of us on a fixed income.
--bev [Marion]  

It's such a pleasure to knit and wear.
- Annette [Schneider]  

The Elsawool Sport 2ply is a woolen spun cormo, so it's soft and round, with the subtlest hint of a heather in the fiber.
It feels so amazing against your skin that I'm wearing the sweater with only a tank underneath in the photos.
Plus, at $22 per 350 yds, it's priced very reasonably for such an incredible farm yarn.
- Thea Colman  

This is perhaps THE loveliest, softest, squishiest, most comforting yarn I have ever worked with (and I have been knitting for 60+ years).
- Suzanne [W.]  

Elsa Wool is simply THE most wonderful wool, so bouncy, so soft, such a joy to knit with,
and the finished pieces are absolutely beautiful to look at and to wear.
- Kathy Joyner

The [woolen-spun worsted weight] is beautiful!
It's so light and squishy!
- Liz [Klute]

I have come across a lot of yarns - but yours really are exceptional.
I knitted a baby blanket in your 30% mid-grey Cormo woolen spun fingering; it is so soft - almost like velvet!
My project notes on Ravelry: Gorgeous yarn - natural, soft, sturdy and almost looks like a cross between wool and chenille.
I love its softness and its lack of halo - for me - the perfect yarn!
- Sara [Curran]  

[Woolen-spun sport weight yarn:] Thank you so much for producing and offering such plump, soft and cozy natural wool yarn for knitting.
- Jennifer [Obst]  

It feels a little like cotton but really shows the stitch definition which I like.
- [Olivia Shaw]  

[Woolen-spun fingering and woolen-spun worsted/Aran:] Oh, my goodness does it feel delightful!
- Carol [Quilici]  

The yarn [woolen-spun sport] is beautiful and a joy to knit!
- Valerie [Heuchan]  

I LOVE the squish and feel of this yarn!
- Aly [Jentz]  

Woolen-Spun Yarns, Lamb Wool

I tried out your lamb yarn..... I ... was very impressed:
it has that familiar crispness that the usual woolen-spun yarns have but with an added velvety feel.
There's something very exquisite about the softness of this yarn that is both hardy and luxurious.
Indeed, whenever I pulled my fingers away and rubbed them together, it had a wonderful "after feel".....
I'm reminded of rubbing flower petals between my fingers-
there's this curious softness that's left on the fingers, almost a moisturizing effect.
I enjoyed working with these yarns very much.
- Rachael [Park]  

The woolen lamb yarn is just lovely -- lovely to knit with and to feel, the springy yarn giving such even stitches.
I tried it doubled, too, using size 8 needle that yielded about 4 1/2 stitches to the inch -- so warm and cushiony.
It's really wonderful yarn.
- [Judy Cluett]

That lamb's wool is to die for, isn't it?
- Mindy [Kingery]

Worsted-Spun Yarns

Last fall when I traveled to the Taos Wool Festival, I discovered a remarkable cormo yarn from Elsa Wool Company.
The simple, pure honesty of her yarns, paired with a buttery softness and delicate texture, enchanted me...
- From the online magazine Knitter's Review, by Clara Parkes

Safe home and already knitting a scarf with the worsted spun lace weight. It is truly lovely!
- Robyn Gallimore, Red Bird Knits, Toronto, Ontario

I'm going to be making this lovely shawl with your bunny soft white Cormo.
- Cassie [Kemp]

Hello Elsa*\(^o^)/* Christmas present to her son Elsa wool is very very good !! l love Elsa wool (*^_^*)
- [Emiko Shimohira]  
knitted sweater by emiko shimohira knitted sweater by emiko shimohira
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L.O.V.E. A very wonderful yarn indeed!
- Tanya [Harkins]

The worsted-spun fingering weight lamb yarn:
I was a bit surprised by how much it resembled woolen-spun- very fluffy and voluminous.
- Rachael [Park]

I keep petting my swatches!
- Liz [Freeman]

The worsted spun white is soft like butter, really a magical yarn!!...I just cant stop touching the yarns,...
- Annelie

Oh wow Elsa, ... it [worsted sport 1750] is soooooooooooo lovely! ....
I am going to start my Hollows shawl with your yarn, I will probably never take it off!!
- Amanda [Eastman]

.... lovely lovely wool [worsted-spun bulky 600]. I've never knit with anything like it ....
I was finally able to dispel my family members fear of all wool as "itchy" when I had them feel this wool!
- Beth Bugosh

I am using ... your worsted [-spun] yarn. I love working with it. It just moves through my fingers like butter.
- Gay [Robinson]


We have treasured your woolen goods for more than three decades. [They] got us through lots of NYC snow and then some.
- Trt [Terry Taylor]


Hello Elsa, I purchased a hat from you last year. I must say it is one of the wisest purchases that I have made.
The durable and soft feel of the wool certainly makes this hat one of my favorite and most valued pieces of clothing.
- Regards, Gilbert Placide

hat came right on time, fits and feels perfect. thanks
- jim [Schultz]

In addition to ordering some of your amazing wool, I ordered two of the 2-layer jersey cuff caps.....
They are hands-down the best hats out there, and I've tried a lot of different ones.
- Susan Kirksey

Some years back I bought a 2-layer jersey cuff cap for my husband and it has turned out to be his favorite cold-weather hat;
he wears it nearly every day during the winter and it has held up well!
- Jessica [Chia]

I [wear] them at work every day, as a contractor in a dirty job .... they are the best
- jim [Schultz]

...... Your beanie cap is always on my head, ..... sometimes even slipped it on during warm weather, it just feels good, .... My favorite headpiece.
~ Brian [Ambrosich]

Over the course of 10 years, and on 7 continents, my Elsa Cormo wool hat has served me well.
It's warm, soft, attractive, beautifully knit, fits perfectly, and washes well.
What more could you want from a cold weather hat? I hope to wear it for another 10 years.
- Ann Duncan

Have enjoyed your products for a long time. On a recent fishing trip to Arkansas they were lifesavers.
Wore the beanie on not so cold days. But on the really cold ones, the heavier cap kept my head toasty.
- Buzz Marceaux

[1 x 1 rib cuff cap:] it's a perfect lightweight watch cap .... love your hats
- jim Schultz

I have loved my seed stitch beanie so much for many years.
I . . . . seem to wear it every day in the fall & winter.
- Adrienne Kringen

[2-layer 2 x 2 rib cuff cap]:
Warmest hat ever!
- Terry Taylor

Elsawool rules!
I got a chance to really get out and test your bigger hat [2-layer jersey cuff cap] and it passed with flying colors!
I'm a bald guy and that hat not only kept my head warm on a 2+ hour walk
in weather in the teens with wind chills in the single digits,
but it was breathable and comfortable.
Thanks again for your amazing work.
- Joel [Graves]

I have three of your hats and wear the thickest one when it's in the twenties, teens and single and minus digits because it's the best and warmest hat I own!
- David [Leidy]

Neckwarmers & Scarves

I received the wool neck warmer and scarf. They are amazing! I am so impressed with the quality.
The knit of the scarf is absolutely beautiful. It is so warm and comfortable.
- Julie Loofbourow


Wow.... awesome shawl.
- Brian [Ambrosich]

I bought a wool shawl a few years ago from your booth at the Taos wool festival. I get compliments on it constantly!
It is so warm, and is holding up nicely to all the wear it gets as a shawl/baby blanket.
It is definitely a favorite!
- Kristen


I have the vest on as I write this.
The fit is perfect and i just love it! i know already I will be wearing it often as the winter progresses.
- Carolyn Eddy


Gorgeous wool, everyone loves the sweaters!
- Cami

I have never been able to wear wool at all and I can wear these.
- Robbin Hutto

I've bought a couple of your sweaters in the past and LOVE them.
They are the warmest sweaters I have and perfect for a cold day when I'm hunkered inside, reading, knitting and cooking.
- Beverley [Robertson]

It's the most wonderful sweater I've ever owned. .... The color is perfect ... Cormo is just luxurious.
- Anne [Phython]

You nailed it with the crew neck!
- Brian [Ambrosich]

The sweater arrived today. It is completely delicious. Beautiful color. So soft. So WARM! Great style......
I will, no doubt, live in it all winter. Also smells wonderful. Many thanks. You have another totally devoted fan!
- [Walker Saville]

I got my sweater today and I love it!
It's so soft and warm, I'm gonna be wearing it every day till summer.
It fits perfectly too.
- Lori [Lange]

Mittens and Gloves

I LOVE your wares. I lost one of my trusty Elsa Wool mittens last week and had to order a new pair, can't weather the cold without them.
- [Farah Council]

Thanks for a really superior product at a fair price.
- Nora Miller


Not only did Elsa Wool Company's socks keep [my husband's] feet feeling softer and warmer than he had ever found,
but 1 pair lasted this working man 2 years - whereas store bought "all weather" socks only last 3 months tops!
You've found lifetime customers in us!
- Shellie Larkin

My daughter .... gave me a pair of your lovely socks for Christmas.
I am so thrilled with them! They are so beautiful, warm and soft.
- Charlotte Slaney Lewis

Lovely-soft, handsomely designed, and wonderfully durable.
[I am] an avid walker and bicycler; while wearing these, my feet stay dry and toasty to the end.
Never went through the toes or heels.
They fit my feet perfectly.
They last beautifully.
I have bought these socks many times over and gift them to my dearest friends.
- Tobin, Santa Fe, NM